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Sunday, May 23, 2010

what a good day


Well we survived my first experience at the Topeka Farmers Market.  Gail force winds were trying to send Dorothy back home, but we prevailed.  Good times, great people and wow what a lot of flowers, veggies, baked goods and homemade items.  This was combined with an incredible live music stage.  I think this is going to be a very good thing.

I met some amazing people.  One of which has a Green Parenting Blog.  Melissa writes from the heart and you should check her blog out here, you won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t sell a lot but I consider the connections I made, time spent with my sister and mom make the success of the day.

Henry enjoying his first fresh squeezed Lemonade.


A few of my produce bags.  The wind was working against us, but as Mr. Miller says “don’t curse the wind” especially on hot days.   I am not cursing it and I like it but not when it makes me feel like Mary Poppins and her umbrella.


Henry and Monkey taking a much needed nap.  We used Aunt Erika’s umbrella to shade him after we about lost the tent due to the wind.


Finally, you know how I love bread.  We had the pleasure of being next to the Cornucopia Bakery.  They are a local family in Hoyt, Kansas that has a commercial kitchen on their land and makes the most beautiful bread and to my delight they have Gluten Free also.  It is great.  If you are at the market check them out.


Be looking for some excitement this week at Green Acres as we celebrate 1 year on the blogosphere.  Our anniversary is tomorrow and we are going to have give a ways throughout the week.  You know me your birthday isn’t just one day it is for a whole week.

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  1. I love your produce pretty. Are they made from vintage sheets? so glad you had a great time. Will you be participating every time they have the farmers market? I'm sure you'll gain some faithful customers.