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Sunday, September 18, 2011

as summer turns into fall



The days are getting shorter, the leaves and sumac is changing it colors, crisp mornings, football, pumpkins and honey crisp apples are available so we begin my favorite time of year.  I love Fall! I just can’t help myself.

We had amazing weather in the last week here in Missouri.  Lows of the 40’s and highs in the 60’s.  I almost thought for a brief moment I was back in my home state of Washington.  Wouldn’t that be blissful, hey a girl can dream right? 

With the change in weather I always get the urge to clean, purge and re decorate my house.  I was wondering why that is.  So you know me and my love for the University of Google I did a little research on Autumn Equinox. I found some interesting facts:

1.   Clean your home thoroughly.  You may do this naturally when you are in sync with nature.  Have you been sifting through the closets?  Clean out you medicine cabinet throwing out outdated herbs and medication. In addition, an organized home leaves time to contemplate your life.  Magically the energies begin to flow.

2.   Decorate your home with some signs of fall. Even though in the desert, the kitchen counter is lined with fall leaves and pumpkins, which are later used to bake bread.
3.   Celebrate with family and friends. Share the magic of community around the table.

4.   Make an offering to the earth. Pull weeds.  Put some food in the bird feeder. Let Mother Nature know you are thankful for her magic.

5.   Spend at least five minutes at your altar in silence.  Your altar can be as simple as a table you visit often with a candle.  Some altars are more elaborate.  Magic does not need a showy example of faith.

6.    Teach your children about nature.  Take them to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard. Show them the simple magic that supports their life.

As I read through the list I chuckled. 

1.  On Thursday I cleaned house and sorted out Henry’s closet and under his bed, man a 2 year old can hoard.

2.  I have been telling Mr. Miller all week it was time for my Pumpkins and Mums.  {Hint!}

3.  We enjoyed a wonderful evening with our friends the Mauer’s, Damico’s and new friends the Steele’s.  Thank you Cathlin and Mitch for hosting.

4.  I pulled a few weeds and plants out of the garden.

5.  Enjoyed coffee on the patio looking at our garden and thanking Mother Earth and our Lord for the bounty shared.

6.  Talked in length with Cameron about where our food comes from.

I didn’t even realize this list existed and found it amazing how I had participated somewhat in all of it.  Happy Fall Y’all!  I am looking forward to 5:05am on Friday when it arrives.

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  1. wow! what a coincidence! isn't that funny how that happens?