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Thursday, September 29, 2011

fire in the hole

Any of our neighbors can confirm the alert of “fire in the hole!” coming from our back yard.  It started with Cameron years ago and it has now continued with Henry.  It can be sounded off at any number of occasions such as the boys playing in the backyard, Mr. Miller using is torch to burn off brush or my favorite when I am lighting a fire in the fire pit. 

We had our first fire of Fall on Saturday night.  It had been a wonderful day of football and projects.  We decided that with the nip in the air we needed a fire.  None of my 3 boys complained a bit.


What is it about fire that is so fascinating?



We had a lovely evening.  Cameron fell asleep in his chair and Junior Mint cuddled on my lap.  Mr. Miller put the boys to bed and we shared a bottle of Cabernet under the stars.  Oh how I love Fall!


  1. Sounds and looks like a wonderful evening! Campfires and Cabernet... soundslike my kind of fun!

  2. So jealous! It is way to hot for sweaters here. Fun!