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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

canning novice

When I started this blog it was with the intent to journal our journey toward a simpler life.  As we have gone down that path we have added a few detours but it definitely has journeyed our crazy little life. 

One aspect I wanted to do in order to make it simpler was to become more self sustaining.  We started by planting a garden, hence the name Green Acres, with the pie in the sky dream of being able to preserve and feed my family for the coming winter.  Well we know that didn’t happen.  Each year we have learned a little more.  I was hoping for a boomer tomato crop this year, started great but the “drought” conditions didn’t help.  I have lots of green still out there.  What do I do with all of them?

This year I actually was able to preserve food.  Not a lot but at least it was a start especially for my boys who love strawberry jam.  I was able to use some of Cameron’s berries and had to supplement from the Market also.  Being a “Canning Novice” I enlisted the best teachers I know, Mimi and Ball  I was able to make jam on a Sunday afternoon.  I loved it. I mean I felt like Ma Ingalls out on the prairie.  The sweet smell of the berries and the “pop” of the jars was so therapeutic.  I am hooked and will continue enjoying this pleasure. 


Later in the week I made Zesty Bread and Butter pickles, those are almost gone.  Mr. Miller likes him some pickles.  I need to make more.  This week I am going to make Cowboy Candy or Candied Jalapenos.  I am still harvesting jalapenos, which is a good thing since Mr. Miller and I can eat them all the time.

Next ambition is to have a root cellar like Olivia Walton.  Are you listening Mr. Miller?  Yes I think I am defiantly and old soul in a present day body.  I would love some day to be on the farm in Newton with a big garden, goats and chickens.  Of course that root cellar full with the bounty of our Harvest.

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  1. We could be sisters. I am desperate to live a simpler, more self-sustaining way of life. However, we live in a townhouse... so needless to say the garden is almost half the size of our yard.

    I haven't yeilded enough to do canning but this year I made my first batches of jam. As a Little House on the Prairie fanatic, I identify with that feeling of glee when the jars are sealed!