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Monday, September 26, 2011

call it what you will revisit


Last spring you remember this post, well he lost interest once Summer started.  Surprised? I am not.  Well we brought them back out again last week because we were having issues with Cameron and focus.  Focus issues with an Aspie/ADHD kid? Say it isn’t so.  Forgive my humor this morning I have not had enough coffee.

Any who…back to the charts.  I fell that along with the focus and getting him in gear in the morning with less arguments we could work on his money skills.  Cameron is very into change lately, especially pennies.  He thinks they are gold in his treasure chest, only if that were true.  I asked Cameron what would encourage him to follow his charts and he said a penny for every check mark.  Cool, we can do that plus I was also doing the math and figured a penny a check works better on our wallet then a quarter.  So there you have it.

We had a good week and he did well.  He made .62 last week.  I had him count the checks and then break it down into coins in Mr. Millers brass pot.  He took his treasures to his treasure chest and was very happy.

On the flip side we still struggle with the usual sassy mouth occasionally so he has learned that when he is sassy he loses a check on the board.  So far all is good!

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