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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

our gathering place

I have found that in order to keep rhythm here we have to have a gathering place. Our gathering place is the dining room table. It has taken on many jobs over the last 11+ years for Mr. Miller and I.

It has changed shape, color and direction. I love sitting around our table with friends and family. The laughter shared over a cup of coffee, glass of wine or a meal shared. The tears that have flown from my eyes and others. The hours of homework with Cameron and life lessons are amazing. My favorite role is that of sharing a meal in the evening with my family. Cameron and Henry have taken to setting the table. We gather, fold our hands and bow our heads and give thanks to the Lord for our blessings and then share our meal. We talk and separate from the world outside by no TV, no phones or computer. We might turn on some music but that is it. It has taken on the role of my blogging place lately since I moved my desk into Cameron's room so he can concentrate on his homework. If this table could talk.

This week in my quest for fall I changed out the dining room chairs once again. We found these chairs about 5 years ago at a "going out of business" store. I love these chairs!

The “Daddy Chair” so proud and tall. Ready to listen and give guidance.


The “Mama Chair” that is in her favorite shade of yellow. Sits closest to the kitchen, between her boys and across from her beloved.


“Brother’s Chair” in Cameron’s favorite color red. I was also thinking that the darker shade would hide more. Obviously it didn’t hide the snags on the side from Delani’s days with front claws. I must really get those scissors out soon and take care of that. I’ll add it to that never ending list.


Lastly, “Junior Mint’s Chair”. He does have a red one just like Cameron. However I need to get a leg fixed on it. Yep, just penciled that down on the list too.


What does your gathering place look like?

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  1. what a fun post....reminds me of the three bears and their chairs and how each one went with the right bear.