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Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Projects...

As if throwing a birthday party wasn't a big enough project this last weekend, I decided I needed to re-cover my dining room chairs. My wonderful, $5 garage sale purchase. We had a garage sale in Newton before we moved back to Kansas City 5 years ago and a friend of ours put these chairs in the sale for $5 for all 4. Can you believe it? I snagged them right away. They had potential, sure they were covered in awful fabric and the netting under the pad would not of held Henry up, but I knew they had potential. (Notice how the former fabric from our first move and my new curtains just don't work together.)

When we moved to Kansas City we downsized and used a clearance table that I had as a desk in the former house and these chairs for our new eating area. We recovered them and put plywood in the seat so that you could sit in them. I was over the black tropical print and decided we needed something new. The Deacon and I went to Joann's on Sunday and found this great stripe that goes with the new curtains we got for Christmas.

This was a family affair, the same as it was the last time we did this. The Deacon and Pops were in town for that adventure too. Let's just say this time went a whole lot easier and smoother.

I love my new chairs.


  1. I like the fabric you selected. We did a similar project with chairs many years ago, and right after the job was done, someone spilled juice. Arghhhhh. Fortunately, we had some leftover fabric. I hope you have better luck!

  2. the chairs turned out great...I love the header too!

  3. Wow, these look amazing!!!! That fabric is wonderful, and I am sure that it feels great to make something so pretty from a great find :)

  4. great job! that fabric is the fabric I made curtains for our school room out it.