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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Poor Camera!

Well we decided that I would just get a new card for my camera and keep the duck tape over the batteries, after all it still works. I am trying to lead a frugal life here. So we went on adventure to Best Buy to get a new card and well lets just say that the staff all but laughed at me when I pulled out what I was looking for. The comments were as follows:

"OH my haven't seen one of those in a while"

"Hey Joe, do they still make these?"

"You might try Amazon or Ebay"

"Mam, have you thought about buying a new Camera?"

I wanted just to smack the kid right there on the last one especially when he call me "Mam", but I kept my cool. I responded with "No sir, I don't want a new camera." I also wanted to say "have you not seen the news lately we are in a recession, we should be conserving and trying to fix what we have. This buy, buy, buy attitude is what got us into this mess!" But again I remembered my Lenten vow of calm, cool and collected plus I had Cameron with me and I didn't think he needed to see his Mom go off on a tangent on this poor unsuspecting kid in the middle of Best Buy.

Needless to say I came home and found the cards on both Ebay and Amazon. Not terribly expensive either. I will be ordering one and the Old Olympus and I will have a few more years together hopefully. I might break down and get the battery door fixed but not a this time. I do hear that they make Hot Pink duck tape and that could be kind of cute for the old girl.


  1. This post lead me to realize we have a lot in common. I bet we are using the exact same camera. My camera broke 2 months ago, so my in-laws let us borrow their old Olympus. My cards look just like that. I would love to purchase an SLR at some point, but for now- I'm living frugal too. Also, embarrasing but true-I had to google parrothead. My familiarity if Jimmy Buffet songs consists of that cheeseburger song my husband always sings.

  2. How quickly technology becomes antiquated. Bummer. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all our VCR tapes. I can't part with them, but we don't have a VCR anymore.

  3. good for you! i admit, i am frugal, but i would have been wooed into a new one!

  4. you're wise to fix what you've got and keep going with it...very smart girl!