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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where does the time go?

The past few weeks I have been working in the storage room downstairs also referred to as my "hoarding room". We have some boxes that have been moved 3 times and never been opened. It was time for a serious intervention. I'll admit it "Hello my name is Maeghan and I am a pack rat!". To make matters worse I am married to Mr. Miller another pack rat.

I have a system to my madness down there. I put a keep box, shred box and donate box. Yes there is also a trash bag at my side. When I open a box I have a 10 second rule on decisions. Have I used it or worn it in the last year? If the answer is "no" then out it goes. I am quite sure that it will be a wonderful treasure for someone else. Yes there are the special circumstances of Aunt Flo's Silver Tea Set that I am not willing to part with yet. I am down to 8 boxes left to go through and have only 2 keep boxes that Mr. Miller and I will sit down and go through together. I have made countless trips to the DAV with donations. This process has been so invigorating for me, I really feel like I have accomplished something. I wish I could take some pictures of my progress but alas we are still sans camera.

Part of the joy of this task is finding wonderful trinkets and memories from years past. The baby clothes have been great fun. I am unpacking all of the 18mos sizes to use for Junior Mint. When did he get so big? Where did my baby go? Please tell him to stop growing up so fast.


  1. A good purge is good for the soul. Yes, it's a trip down memory lane, but there's just something about having things cleaned out, straightened up and having order in your world that is truly invigorating (like you said).

  2. you sound like you've got a good system going...keep up the great work. I love cleaning out and organizing, there is something so satisfying in accomplishing a long over due project.