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Monday, February 22, 2010

My poor there a Medic in the house?

Well my poor camera is on her last legs. Last week I was taking pictures of that wonderful Salmon dinner and I dropped her. Now this isn't the first time she has been dropped but this might have been the last time.

I broke the door that holds the batteries. OK so not a big deal because as my brother in law Randy says, "duck tape fixes everything". That crisis averted. Well I went to upload all my pics and my card is saying unreadable and write protected. How in the heck did this happen?

We are in crisis mode here on trying to retrieve my photos. I am going to venture to CVS this evening and see if I can upload them to a disk there. Wish me luck. I wish I had more exciting adventures to talk about from the weekend but my poor camera stole all attention this weekend.
Is there a Medic in the house?


  1. Oh no Maeghan, good luck! Camera problems are always so tough, but I hope that you can find a way to get your camera fixed. Of course, I do have to agree that Duck Tape truly does fix everything

  2. Bah! I sympathize. My Canon was in the shop for a long 17 days. It was painful.