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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

henry patrick is 2!


My sweet little Junior Mint is 2 today.  I can’t believe it.  2 years ago at this time I was waiting in my hospital room, surrounded by my loved ones, awaiting our turn in the Operating Room.  Yes, I had a “belly birth” as I refer to them.  Mr. Miller and I were talking about that day last night.  We had a wonderful delivery team.  They were caring and jovial.  We laughed at the music that they had streaming in.  With Cameron I had my own, of course Jimmy Buffet, because I did labor for 23 hours before his “belly birth”.  Henry’s music wasn’t our selection but it definitely fit our sense of humor.  When I was waiting on Dr. Rhonda we heard “Let’s Get This Party Started”, “Cut’s Like a Knife” when we started and Henry made his debut to “Desperado” at 1:40pm.

We had a small cupcake last night since Mr. Miller has a work meeting tonight.  His celebration will be on Saturday.  Lots to do, lots to do!



Happy Birthday my little Junior Mint.  We love you so beautiful little boy!


  1. Oh my he is adorable!! And Yeah!! Happy 2 Years old Henry Patrick!! I think your gonna like 2 you get to get into everything and you can blame it all on your age...and your so cute no one will mind!! :) ~Love Heather

  2. Happy day late birthday Henry! He is too cute! Love you guys!

  3. Happy Birthday to Henry! That last photo is great!