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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

taken it off tuesdays



Good week!  Feel like I am beginning to make some progress, not only on the weight but my own inner being.

Cameron and I have been enjoying the Wii with all of his snow days.  The kid is a mean boxer!  Had fun bowling and even bowled a 23o game.  We discovered Netflix thru the Wii.  Lots of fun and $8 a month.  Thanks Amy and John for the heads up.

We downloaded Food, Inc., lets just say that I am now looking at my plate in a whole new way.  We have always tried to be as organic as possible.  Now it is just going to be a way of life.  I can’t believe what we have been doing to our children let alone ourselves.  We have started cutting out refined sugars and flours also, eating smaller more frequent meals and added more fresh veggies and fruit.  I will tell you that we feel better and have more energy.

If you get a chance check out this movie, you won’t be sorry.  By the way say bye bye to another 4 pounds!

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  1. Yeah for You guys!!!!! I'm proud of you for your hard work. I've seen that movie too and it's disturbing. One of my hopes with making a pantry is that it will free up enough money to buy more organic and local produce. Oh, and I love the photo in your last post of Henry watching his brother shovel snow. Too funny!