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Monday, January 24, 2011

week in review

We had quite a bit of snow over the last week.  This gave us a few snow days, lots of hot chocolate, warm snuggles under blankets and lots of quality time together.

When I first started dating Mr. Miller he always wore baseball caps and usually backwards.   I found it quite amusing when Henry came out with one the same way.



Cameron getting to use the new snow shovel.   What exactly are the child labor laws, he shovels a mean walk way!  (Like father like son!)  Disclaimer:  I only let him shovel for 15 minutes and then we had hot chocolate!


Henry taking great joy in watching big brother shovel.


Very tired boys.

DSCN2258    What Mama enjoyed looking at later that evening while the house was fast asleep.


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  1. Beautiful pictures! The boys are going up so quick and so handsome! Sorry we missed you while we were in town, it seemed like all we did was run run run and still didn't get everything done! Thank you for being a good friend to Bubba, he needs more like you! Anyway, I gave up Buffett tickets for a Tunica trip