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Monday, January 17, 2011

“let me tell you a story henry”

A couple of weeks before Christmas we traveled to Newton to celebrate Gigi’s 90th birthday.  We try to make it down there every year right after Thanksgiving so we can celebrate her day and to help her decorate for Christmas.  We took Gigi to dinner and the boys and her got ice cream sundaes.

DSCN1986 The main decoration that Gigi requested was her beloved Nativity Set.  Cameron got very excited and told Gigi that he could tell her the story of Christmas.  In true Gigi form she sat through it and listened to every detail with shear delight.

DSCN2025DSCN2032Of course Gigi had a few differing ideas on the set up than Cameron’s ideas.

DSCN2030    I had to explain freedom of expression to Cameron, it didn’t go so well but the promise McDonald’s on the way home made it all a little better. I figured that would be an easier task then asking a 90 year old Catholic if she could just leave them the way Cameron had set them, at least just until we left.

Once the set was in place Cameron decided to share a story with Henry.  This is was took place.

Cameron:  “let me tell you a story Henry.  It is about the day you were born, kind of like when baby Jesus was born.  Look at all the people that came to celebrate you, just like how the Sheppard's and  Wise Men came for baby Jesus.”


Well maybe he understood my “freedom of expression” speech better than I thought.  I love my little story teller.