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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

reflections of a handmade christmas

I tried to have a handmade Christmas this year.  We were about 80% there.  The other 20% was in the form of Lego’s for Cameron and Thomas Wooden Railroad for Henry.

I sewed, baked, made candy and made a few photo albums and recipe books.

Here is one of my favorite pieces.  I made this for my friend, Anja, she brings Cameron home 3 days a week for me.  She is also my confidant on so many levels.  I really cherish the friendship that her and I share.

I took a wool sweater and sewed the sides to form a pillow, I then simply stitched with wool yarn the rough outline of a snowman.  I almost kept this for myself.


I baked some banana bread for some neighbors, the postman and our fresh connect delivery man.  I simply wrapped the bread in wax paper and tied a simple bow around them.  Of course I made my brother in law, Randy, his peanut butter balls.


I made a few basic quilts for my Mom, sister and niece.  I sewed several table runners and napkins.  I talked about the recipe book, here is what I did.  I found a program on that let you make a recipe book with a hard bound cover.  You designed it yourself and it was ready in about and hour for pickup at the store.  I usually do my photo books that way too.

I really enjoyed getting ready for Christmas this year.  Cameron and Henry helped me along the way, even Mr. Miller was a good extra hand in the sewing room.

What were some of your handmade gifts this year?


  1. With the baby, I didn't make as much handmade as typical, but I did make some photo-frame Christmas tree ornaments, layer ingredients for cranberry oatmeal drop cookies into mason jars, made granola bars and baked sugar cookies w/ my daughter. Handmade gifts are the best. Last year I made hard cover photo books by Shutterfly, as well as refrigerator magnets and the photo frame ornaments.

  2. We are going to be in town this weekend at Jeremy's!! Cant wait to see you and your men!! I have some ideas to run by you as well, in the next couple of years I want to stay home and be a mom but I need a project to make a little extra molah on the side as well, and I thought you could help with that and give me a few pointers on saving money!! loves ya!