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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Update

I figured it was time to share the progress of the garden. I went out to water this morning before it got way too hot, yeah right I was still sweating when I came in. OK, I am sorry Mom the correct ladylike term would be "glowing". We are coming along great. I hope to be able to take some tomatoes with us to Pana Lake in Illinois over the 4Th to share with Mr. Miller's parents, the Deacon and Pops. (I decided to give them their own titles since they found humor in the fact that I call their son Mr. Miller. Mom is an ordained Deacon in the Episcopal Church so that is how that name became hers. Cameron also refers to her as Nana Banana!)

OK, he was just so precious this morning I had to take the pic!
Grape tomatoes

Watermelon, cannot wait for that. It is supposed to be seedless.

Corn, I have about 5 plants left after the tree rats aka squirrels had their way!


Cucumber plants

Mild Banana Peppers

My Green Tomato

Carrots, I will have enough to ensure great eyesight for the children in the neighborhood!

Zucchini, these blooms were amazing this morning around 6am.
Friends and neighbors I think we will definately be sharing soon!

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