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Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Maeghan, come quick!"

We had a BBQ tonight with my sister, Erika and her family. It was such a treat to get the text last night that they were coming to town. They live in Topeka and have a very busy life these days. Erika is actually on vacation this week, my brother in law Randy was in town, Nichelle(18) didn't have to work, Nate (15) had no baseball and Makennah(11) is done with dance this week. They even brought Nichelle's boyfriend, Joe, who we have all adopted as one of our own.

Erika and Nichelle helping cut up the watermelon.We can't have a family get together without the watermelon. Thank God we are growing some in the garden.Nichelle and Randy working the grill. Mr. Miller had a late night at the office so Randy stepped up. Not the first time he has come to my rescue. I think I have the World's Greatest Brother-in-Law. A good time was being had by all. I was in the living room with the adults, Makennah was on the computer, Mr. Miller was rocking Henry and Nate and Cameron were playing with Cameron's rocket launcher out back. How harmless, right? Well, Erika went in the kitchen to make Root Beer Floats and Hot Fudge Sundaes for the kids and I hear this "Maeghan, come quick!". I am thinking "oh God, its happened he finally fell out of the play scape!" Be calm, be calm. I briskly go to the kitchen, OK so I ran to the kitchen. and here is what I saw...

You ask where is his other boot?

He got stuck in the "bog" as I refer to it at this point. My unfinished patio, yes we are still in the mud stage. I asked "what are you doing and why is your boot out there?" Simple answer Mom...

Nate had launched the rocket right into the middle and he was going after it. I have to give him credit, he at least took off his tennis shoes and put on his working boots. I have also just found out the we can find the 3rd missile in the top of the maple tree by the play scape. Have fun with that one Daddy.

How can you be mad at that face? I know it is hard.

I feel so blessed to have the family that God has given me. We may not always see eye to eye, but we love each other and that's what really counts. Remember to live each day to its fullest and tell those you love that you love them. After all they are your family and unconditional love is the best!

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