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Friday, June 26, 2009

I shall call it Chicken Florentine

I love to cook! I love new recipes! I love it when I can read someones recipe and do variations of theirs to personalize it for my family, and that is just what I did Wednesday evening.

My morning routine is as follows, I get up and make sure the coffee did it's thing (very, very important!), make Patrick and Cameron's breakfast, pack their lunches, down a mug of coffee and then sit down with Henry for his morning meal. I do a lot before 7 am here on the farm. I then water the garden, get Cameron and myself dressed, try to catch up on my favorite blogs and then take Cameron to school. Sometimes the blogs have to wait, and Wednesday was just one of those mornings. It is a good thing they did and Mr. Miller's tummy would agree.

One of my favorite blogs is, there is a link from my site to hers. She has wonderful recipes and stories for those of us that suffer with gluten intolerance. My body does not process gluten well at all and we are trying to cut it out of Cameron's diet to see if it helps in his behavior with the ADHD. So far so good. She talked about one of her favorite dishes on Wednesday called wilted spinach and chick peas. I prefer "Chicken Florentine" , sounds divine!

Here is your cast of characters:

I had already started browning the chicken breast when I decided to get the camera out. Here is your grocery list:

1 lb chicken, I prefer breast or thigh meat

2 cans chick peas or garbanzo beans

1 lemon

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Fresh Garlic cloves, sliced

9 oz fresh spinach

salt, pepper, Mrs. Dash Original

First start by browning chicken, I use the cast iron skillet. My favorite team player! I season with fresh ground pepper and sea salt and add Mrs. Dash original. She is a guest in my kitchen anytime!

Next, get out a large skillet and heat Olive Oil and sliced garlic. GF girl said slicing instead of chopping cuts down on scorched garlic. It works.

Once that is browned add drained garbanzo beans till heated through and then add your spinach. Trust me it cooks down, a lot!

Once the spinach has "wilted", squeeze juice from half of lemon over top.

Put spinach and bean mixture on plate and top with chicken. This will serve 4 easily, this meal was under $10 to cook and done in under 30 minutes. Great comfort food, light but filling! Enjoy, we did.

We finished the meal with GF chocolate chip cookies made by Cameron. I did use a mix. I am still experimenting with GF recipes for cookies. I found this one at Whole Foods, their 365 label for $3.99 and it made 2 dozen large cookies. Very good!

Who said eating Gluten Free wouldn't be good? Looks like we eat pretty good here at Green Acres.

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