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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Fun with my Boys!

Mr. Miller and I recently decided to keep Cameron home with me on Wednesdays. (Now mind you he only goes to school from 9:30a to 1p on the other days.) The reasons were simple, first off those of you that know my son understand his extreme fascination for Garbage and Recycling Trucks. Yes, thanks to his father's recycling obsession that got us all going a few years back. Well Wednesdays are trash day and he plants himself in the living room watching for that truck starting at 7:30am. The second reason was selfish on my part I wanted a day during the week to have special time with him.

Today we went to the Library. This was Henry's first visit and Cameron has been going with school on Fridays about once a month. We tried to get him his own library card but no such luck since he still cannot write his last name. First name, no problem! We will be working on this. I found this a little strange since: a)you don't sign anything when you check out, it is all scanned and b) how many kids under 13 go to the library by themselves anyways. Yes, I did share these thoughts with the poor library aide. Someone has too! None the less we got some great books.

He took his own book bag and picked out Dr. Seuss, Max and Ruby and Skippyjon Jones. Skippyjon Jones is an amazing series about a very precocious Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua. He retreats to his closet and fights evil the the Chimichango gang. Fabulous reading!
Judy Schachner is the author and illustrator. Please check out these books, the whole family will enjoy. Cameron even picked a book out for Henry that Daddy gets to read tonight.

Spend time reading this summer, if not by yourself with your kids and grand kids. Turn that TV off and the computer off! They will love it. Reading and going to the Library, it's free and it uses yours and their imagination!

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