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Monday, June 15, 2009

"Post-it Notes"

Do you ever wonder in life why things happen the way they do? I know I do. As I stated in my first post on this blog, I lost my job in January. I was a retail manager and thought that was my calling in life. This week I discovered and affirmed to myself how wrong I was.

I have been looking for jobs while at home and have had not much success with this endeavor. People say, retail manager oh there are tons of jobs out there. Not true today. First it needs to be the right fit, second is the pay and last, "will I be happy?". I thought I had found a couple of possibilities and with no luck they did not pan out. About the pay part, Mr. Miller and I realized that I need to make a certain amount to even cover daycare for Henry and then to even bring any home, is that even possible? Lastly, I am enjoying life so much at home with the boys, that's what makes me happy!

Mr. Miller made me realize this morning that I am where I should be. At home with the boys! I got my "post-it note" from God this morning when I realized that I was not picked for a job that I thought I really wanted. Truth is I didn't want it. I just needed that note from above to show me.

He gave me the push to pursue what I love doing right now. I am sewing again for the first time in years. I am making pocket diapers for my diaper lady, yes diaper lady. We are a cloth diaper family and loving it. We have a diapers service and I am sewing for her to barter out the cost of my service. It is another great way for me to save money. If I knew what I know now we would have done it with Cameron. I will touch more on the benefits of Cloth at a later date. I am also developing my own line of wool cloth diaper soakers made for recycled wool sweaters. They are so cute and fun. Henry is a great model.

Who would have thought putting 100% cashmere over a diaper. Very cute don't you think? I am planning on listing them on Etsy and Hyena Cart. I will also start going to the Farmer's Market in Topeka with my sister and Andrea, my BAClothdiapers gal (check them out at ), has generously offered me to piggyback off of her booth at the City Market here in KC. I will keep you posted when that happens.

So I guess all in all I am where I belong and I am doing what I need to be doing. So thank you God for your note this morning, I got it and finally read it loud and clear. Also, thank you Mr. Miller for your continued support and love. Thank you for making me your wife and a mama! I love you more than words can say!

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