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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day

Happy Daddy's Day to all of the great Daddy's in my life.

Friday when I picked Cameron up from school we had a conversation about Father's Day:

Cameron: "Mama why do we call it Father's Day?"

Me: "That's a good question Cam, maybe we should call Grampie (my dad) and ask him. He has answers to a lot of things." Sorry Dad, didn't mean to throw you under the bus.

Cameron: "We don't have a Father in our house, our Dad is a Daddy, and Daddy's are SUPER COOL!"

Me: "Yes, they are Cam!"

Cameron: " So, you know what Mama, I think we should call it Daddy's Day!"

Me: "You are so right, let's do it!"

So from here on out it is Daddy's Day because Daddy's are SUPER COOL!

So remember to thank the Daddy's in your life today and tell them you love them. It is the little things that mean so much, not the new necktie or "great dad" t shirt. Cameron decided to bring breakfast to Daddy in bed this morning, unsolicited. It may have only been a cereal bar but it was from his heart and that's what this day is about.
Thanks Grampie and Pops, for being there for me! I love you and Happy Daddy's Day!

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