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Friday, June 19, 2009

Why Cloth? - Part 1

Well you knew I had to write about this at some point and today is as good a day as any. I get the question alot, "why are you using cloth diapers?", why not? Those that know me understand my bluntness. Mr. Miller and I decided a long time ago that if we were ever blessed again with a baby we would use cloth. I wish we would have with Cameron. Today's cloth diaper is not the diaper that our Mom's and Grandmother's used, it is a huge industry that is growing more popular every day. You can go with a diaper service such as we are or you can buy your own and do your own laundry. Either way it truly is very easy and so much more Eco-friendly, and besides that how cute is that bum wrapped in nice soft cotton?

Most people do not realize that a disposable diaper will stay in tact in a landfill for over 200 years. Kind of disgusting isn't it? The materials used in making them don't just break down, doesn't that make you wonder about what you are putting next to your child's skin. It sure made us think. People ask "don't you fight diaper rash?' no, in fact we have not had one. Cameron had them all the time because of the chemicals in disposables that are meant to draw wetness away. We personally don't want them next to Henry's soft skin. Yes, you do change more often but it is worth it. The cost breakdown is such: .18 cents per change with cloth vs .36 cents with disposable. The average family will spend almost $3000 on diapers by the time their child is out of them. Wow, I can think of many other things that money could be used for, especially in these times. The other bonus with cloth is that your child with potty train sooner. I am all for that!

We spend $20 a week for our service, which I stated earlier in the week I barter out that fee with sewing for her. The service includes a pickup and drop off once a week. She gives me 2 wet bags (the new diaper pail) and does all of the "dirty" work. She also gives a small wet bag for the diaper bag when I am away from home. I was leery at first but soon discovered they are just as easy to use while out and about. We have even traveled to the farm with cloth and will be going to the cottage over the 4Th of July. When he gets older I just have to shake solids into stool and put in bag for her to launder. If you choose to buy your own you can start with an investment of around $200. There are many starter kits that give a 2 day rotation of diapers and covers. Covers, you ask what are those? They are the new plastic pants. They are made from PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) this is basically any fabric that has been laminated in order to keep their clothes dry. Look how cute they are. Henry is modeling a Swaddlebees. I know when he graduates from High School he will hate me for this.
There are many types and brands of covers. I prefer the Swaddlebees, Thirsties or Bummis Super Whisper Wraps. You can also use wool, wool is what our Grandmother's used. It is an all natural fiber that breaths better than any other. I am making them out of recycled sweaters and will be sharing on that adventure as I start my new business. I made this one this morning while he was napping. It is made from a 1o0% Lambs Wool sweater. Many people look at me weird when I shop at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales. I have heard them ask, "you are just going to cut that up?" and "it is going over a diaper", yes it is!

There are also many offered by WAHM's (work at home mom's) that you can order online at sites like or

The style diaper I have shown you is known as a prefold. They generally are not fastened with pins anymore we use what is called a Snappi. There are fitteds, pockets and AIO's (all in ones). I will talk about each type in their own post as we go along. I don't want to overload you right now. I know we were at first. If you are in the Kansas City area there is a wonderful Brick and Mortar store in Lee's Summit called Happybottomus. Brookie Lee is full of information and more than willing to answer any questions and help with getting you started. Check her out at It has become one of my favorite stores.

I hope I have answered some of your questions. This is another way to a simpler life. It has also given me something to fill my time with, not that I have a lot with my 3 boys. Yes, Mr. Miller is included in my boy count.

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