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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We have sprouts!

Sunday evening Cameron came running in the house from the back shouting, "Mama, mama come here I have something to show you!" I was thinking, "oh God, it is a snake or bug" but no, we have green sprouts in the bed that we started from seed. We first had a few beans poking there little heads up. As of last night we now have some corn and okra as well. No sightings of the carrots yet.

Mr. Miller's Okra.

Our corn. OK so maybe the squirrels did not get it all.

These new sprouts bring hope that we are on the right track. I could not help but think about my sons favorite movie, Wally-e, when Eva finds the new sprout of plant life to take back to the Axiom. OK so we don't get to see all of the latest blockbusters, but you should really check this one out if you have not. Very cute. Anyways, she was sent to find hope for humans to return home and for new life. Do you think in these times of uncertainty in our lives that we all need a little hope? We were not sure and still are not sure of what we are getting into with this garden, I know I sound cliche, but maybe planting this garden has given us hope that we can make it, we will forge on and get through these times.

Each day offers new hope, do not lose faith. Things will come together.

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