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Thursday, June 10, 2010

the boys of summer


Last week we had temps in the 90’s already.  I know, what the heck?  It is only the first week of June and I thought it was the end of July.  Patches of my yard were starting to reflect their angst toward the sweltering outside so I decided to take care of two things at once.  First, water these patches and second, get the kids out of the house!  We have great shade in the front and I knew that I need about 10 minutes of water each in about 4 areas so here we went. 

We called Jack over from next door because I knew Mike was going a little stir crazy too.  I lubed the boys up with sun screen and said “you have 40 minutes and the sprinkler is going to move around the yard, so chase it guys!”  This was Henry’s first experience, boy did he have fun! 

It was an eventful 40 minutes when Cameron lost his 4th tooth, we had blood, screams, laughter and tears when we had to turn it off.  It had all the ingredients of a good summer movie.  The tears were cured  when Mimi and Pops stopped for a “drive by” kissing on their way to St. Louis.

Now if I could get my rain barrels installed and have Mr. Miller get a pump at work oh the fun we could have. 








  1. We love getting out in the water/sprinklers! It's been one of our most favorite things of this summer so far!

  2. How fun!! My kids love sprinklers!!

  3. Sprinkler fun! We never had a pool growing up, so my mom always strategically positioned the sprinkler for dual-duty.

  4. oh how I loved sprinklers as a kid, and I love watching my own kids run around and have a blast. We have had some really hot days as well, but we are about to go into another spell of cold wet weather again :(

  5. These photos are soooooooooo CUTE! Thanks so much for sharing. I especially love the second down from the top. Kids in timeless!