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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial day 2010

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. Ours was one full with Market, a trip to the family Farm, remembrance and healing.

Mr. Miller’s side of the family is from Newton so on Sunday we loaded the Urban Farm Truck and headed to South Central Kansas. The boys love visiting Gigi on the farm. We made one stop first, Greenwood Cemetery. We have a lot of family there and we promised the Deacon we would take care of the Patterson and Kurz plot. Mr. Miller’s Great Uncle Karl and his Grandfather Patterson both served in WWII so this was a chance for us to show the boys about Memorial Day and a little family history.


Greenwood has designated a beautiful memorial for those who have served our country. The flags around the cemetery used to have a name plate for each member served, now they have a paver garden with each persons name. This was very moving and wonderful to experience and a chance for Mr. Miller to tell stories about his grandparents.




On the drive home yesterday we came across the highway that our dear friend Jon was killed. We were able see and get a true sense of what transpired that fateful afternoon. This is all part of the long healing process of losing a loved one in such a traumatic way. Thankfully the boys were sleeping peacefully in the truck and Mr. Miller was able to spend some time alone on the hill. Please remember when you are out driving on these beautiful days that we share the road with our 2 wheeled companions too. Keep your eyes open and lets hope that no one else suffers the same way.

DSCN0708I have decided to keep the drawing open for the Pendant open thru today. Please leave a comment here on the blog to be entered. I will draw the lucky winner in the morning.

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