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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the store is back open



I have been feverishly working on diapers and such, not only for the Market but for my etsy sight.  Green Acres Closet finally has a few items in it.  I even figured out how to put a window on the side of my blog.  Not bad for the girl who still has issues sometimes with the computer.

I have really found a love for sewing again.  I am enjoying that creative side that had been buried so deep for so long.  Sewing is my therapy.  I talk about time outs and such during the day with the boys but truth be known sometimes Mama needs a timeout herself.  That is when I escape downstairs to my room.

I know I won’t make millions with my sewing but if it brings in a few dollars here and there then that is good with me.  It truly is an inexpensive form of therapy.  If you get a moment take a peek and let me know what you think.


  1. Love the flower diaper! Super cute:) I have some sweaters that I need to give you for making covers.

  2. They look great! So beautiful and what so many are looking for these days. Keep up the good work. I think you’ll do very well (:

    I became a follower recently and look forward to your future posts (:


  3. For so long, I hated sewing. It just never turned out right for me. Now, I absolutely cherise the times spent with my sewing machine. I totally understand!

  4. The diapers are adorable! Good for you! I do like sewing but I don't do it enough for it to feel like relaxing for me. I need to spend a bit more time doing it. I could use some more therapy!