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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a very special day

I have a little boy that loves green, John Deere green that is.  On Father’s Day Mr. Miller and Cameron got to take a special trip.  They went to Newton to help Mr. Tom harvest the back 80.  Cameron was so excited on the way down that he didn’t even eat the fresh blueberry muffins that Mama baked for their road trip.

Mr. Tom farms the land for our family and we are very grateful for the love, care and attention he gives the land but also to Gigi. 

Cameron was invited to ride in the combine and help.  Mr. Tom and Mr. Miller figured out that the last time Mr. Miller had been in a combine was when he was Cameron’s age and it was with Mr. Tom at their place. 

We were worried that the wheat would be too wet early in the week but we got the call Friday night that it was a go!  I know kind of ironic that a  Gluten Intolerant girl is married to the descendant of a wheat farmer.  We get great chuckles over that one.  Who knows maybe one day Cameron will be farming that land?

Mr. Tom informed Cameron that the wheat he was harvesting is sold to Dillon’s for their bread and to Tony’s pizza for their crust.  He thought that was very cool.

They had a great day and I had to very tired Farm Hands at 8:30 Sunday night.  A big Thank You to Mr. Tom, Mr. Lenny and Ms. Norma for making one little boy and one Daddy very happy.  I think this might have been on of Mr. Miller’s favorite Father’s Days.














  1. I LOVE the thought of giving children agricultural tours! I have been planning trips to the local Lavender farm, and to visit a near-by Buffalo ranch as soon as my little one is old enough to enjoy them. It is so important that we teach our children where our food comes from. You're such a wonderfully grounded mommy!!

  2. What kid wouldn't love to explore tractors. I even remember my brothers going gaga over them at the country fair many moons ago.

  3. My kids loved riding in their grandpa's "new" tractor on our last visit. Nothing is as fascinating as a tractor!

  4. This is the coolest day ever!! Brennan would totally love doing something like that. I'm glad it was such a special day.