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Thursday, June 3, 2010

the circus train





Last weekend while we were in Newton we got to see a really cool train.  Newton is known for its trains.  In fact the High School mascot is the Newton Railers! 

Newton got its beginnings as a rough and tumble cow town. In fact from 1871 –1873 it was known as “bloody and lawless – the wickedest city in the west”. This reputation was much due to the 1871 Gunfight at Hide Park, which resulted in 8 men being killed.

In 1872 the western terminal for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway and the railhead for the Chisholm Trail were established here. Newton served as the Middle Division dispatching headquarters for the "Santa Fe" until the mid 1980's when all dispatching for the Chicago to Los Angeles system was centralized in the Chicago area.  Newton still has a lot of train traffic through the center of town and we got to see the circus train this trip!  We did go “on adventure” to try and find the animal cars but we had no luck.  I am not sure if they had those stationed a little closer to Wichita or not.

Newton is a great little town full of history.  I am glad that Mr. Miller’s family history runs deep in Newton and well our little family has history there too, Cameron was born in Newton.  Our little men are 6th generation to run the land out at the farm and I think that is pretty cool!

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  1. That is cool! Thank you for your kind words and prayers; they mean a lot.