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Monday, June 21, 2010

give me strength and courage

I am back after a little break last week.  I am sorry to have been away but I had a little going on here at Green Acres.

We have had a ton of rain, which led to a wet basement.  UGH!  Luckily nothing was ruined it just added to my full day on Monday.  I had a full house with all my kiddos this week.  It was fun, crazy and inspirational all at once.  It gave me a little preview of what the fall will be like once I have “M” again full time.  “R” has started and will be here throughout the summer.

I took any spare time I had to get more diapers done.  I finally have a pattern I love and all of my bamboo velour came in.  I went to Farmer’s Market on Saturday and had a nice positive response.

Last but not least it has been a learning experience for me and Cameron this summer.  We are struggling with what to do to keep us busy.  I know he gets bored easily and I try to come up with crafts and puzzles but sometimes I just don’t feel like I can keep up with him.  We have had a few melt downs this week, but I know this is all part of the “puzzle” per say.

The drive to Topeka on Friday was hectic to say the least.  Henry was tired and cranky thanks to that 4th molar that came through last night.  Mr. Miller had worked a long week, Mama was a little short and not just in stature and then poor Cameron was just overwhelmed which led to extra stemming and chattering.  At one point I just closed my eyes and prayed, “Oh Lord, please enlighten me.  Give me the strength and show me the way…”  When I opened my eyes this is what a I saw.




Thank you Lord. You once again inspired me and showed me that there is a light at the end of this tunnel called Life and that I am not alone.


  1. think I lost my comment, so I'll try again. Had a couple of thoughts. You might be doing this already, but thought I'd share anyway. How about making a schedule for Cam. For example-10:00 is "homework" time, 11:00 is active outside play time, 1:00 is tv time, 3:00 is computer time, or whatever. Can also be done by day-monday is cooking day, tuesday is craft day, wednesday is water play day, etc. this kind of schedule would give Cam the structured routine that is so good for our kids and would also give him things to look forward to. you could design the schedule together. have you tried home-made playdough, bubbles outside, paint with spray bottles on a clear shower curtain hung on the fence. ok, i'll quit now, I think I'm starting to babble! :)

  2. thanks Lori! Good ideas. I love them. I don't have kids on Thursday or Friday so I think that is a perfect time for him and I to figure out our days.