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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

“the incredible, edible egg”

I love eggs! Can I let you in on a secret? I want to raise chickens. OK Dad, you can pick yourself up off of the floor now. Your “city slicker” daughter has not lost it, completely, well not yet. But, she values a good egg and the flavor of a free range chicken.

Mr. Miller thinks that I would name them all and they would become pets and not his Sunday dinner. I know there would be some separation anxiety and I would have to learn how to do everything but I think I could do it, maybe? I know I have a tutor on the “demise” of the chicken in my “sister from another mother”, Diane. She raised chickens and used to bring me eggs on a regular basis.

I would make sure the “chickens didn’t die in vain” as Mr. Buffett sang about. Of course my son Cameron would have to have a moment of silence and prayer, the Deacon is sure we have a future member of the Episcopal Clergy on our hands.

But alas, I live in the city limits and there are stupid rules on where a coop or chickens could be and my yard is too small. So for right now I will settle for these little beauties that get delivered to my doorstep every Friday from Kevin and Brookie Lee.

Oh how I love me some eggs!





  1. I love the idea of raising chickens for the eggs..but I think I'd be too afraid of them. (I'm a bit of a chicken around animals...not sure if the pun is intended or not. ;)) We also live in a rental in a place where chickens would be frowned upon so I don't have a choice about facing my fears. :) A friend of mine recently got goats and chickens so I am living vicariously through her family. :)

  2. I know more and more people lately who have chicken coops or would like them. We can't have them and I'm not sure I'd want one more thing to take care of right now. :) But having fresh eggs, that's definitely a plus!

  3. Okay I'm totally with you!! As a *city slicker* (for now) chickens haven't been on our horizen due to us selling our home (who knew chickens in the basement when it's 0 degrees in MN) is turn off for future homebuyers??!!! Anyway, when we get to our CO farm we have chicken running amuk!!! And as a vegetarian (most of the time) I do think about butchering my own chickens just for the *life experience* of it and for my chidren to gain useful skills. Of course I'd make some chicken recipes for supper, but also use their eggs for breakfasts and baking! I do just love chickens and I think you outta go for it and go crazy for chickens running plenty in your yard!!!


  4. I want to raise chickens too! But, my village won't allow it. Hmph.

  5. I read an article in a recent copy of Sunset magazine about the growing trend in urban-chicken raising. It was so romantic sounding & got me fired up about wanting chickens, myself. My hubby was quick to point out that I wouldn't want to kill them or pluck them, but I am thinking I could keep them just for the eggs. However, our entire back yard is *concrete*! And we even have a 1906 barn that is being waisted. Oh, well. Maybe you'll get your chickens & I'll live vicariously though you!