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Friday, July 10, 2009

" a dreamer of dreams and a travelin' man I have chalked up many a mile "

Well by now most of you have figured out that we survived the road trip to the lake in Pana. We had a great time. We tried to do this trip as economically friendly as possible. I spent the week before tirelessly baking, cooking and doing laundry. I mapped out what rest areas we would stop for meals and snacks. Cameron especially liked stopping at the rest areas for our "picnics". We found the Missouri rest areas to be surprisingly clean and busy. We were not the only travelers trying to save a dime and eat their own food. It was so refreshing to see other families enjoying the beautiful day, fellowship and a good meal.

We decided to stop in Hermann at the Stone Hill outlet for wine. It would be sacrilegious not to. Hermann, Missouri is where I met the Deacon and Pops for the first time while Mr. Miller and I were dating. We love the Stone Hill winery so much that we spent the first part of our honeymoon there and the rest up at Pana Lake. We love the Norton at $19.99 a bottle and the Hermannsberger at $10.99 a bottle. Great wines! Check out the winery at and they do ship and give case discounts.

The trip up only took 6 1/2 hours and the boys did great in the car. We did not even take a DVD player this time. Cameron enjoyed the scenery and looking at all of the trucks. He did get restless outside of St. Louis but then fell asleep, so all in all it was great fun.

We had decent weather the whole weekend. It did rain all day on the 4Th, so Pops and the Deacon decided we would build a fort and play trucks.

The Deacon and Mr. Miller worked on the music for Sundays Church service at "Episcapoint". The cove got that name being that the 3 families that share the point all belonged to the same Episcopal Church in Decatur. 2 of the families are still members and when the Deacon and Pops visit it is still a church family to them. We shared a great service on Sunday with both families. Cameron carried the cross, OK so he got nervous and needed help from Mama. Pops ushered, Mr. Miller was in charge of music, I read the lessons and the Deacon officiated. We had a lovely brunch afterwards with fresh fruit, some GF baked goods, and a breakfast casserole made with eggs, spinach, ham, tomatoes and onions. Yummy! Oh, of course coffee. We drink lots of coffee at the lake and when we are not drinking coffee we drink wine. Come on we are Episcopalian!

Henry hanging out in his woolies! It was chilly, OK so in the 60's but to the southerners it was cold. Mr. Miller and I thought it was perfect that day. No A/C, windows open and sound of gently falling rain hitting the roof and lake.

We met a new friend up there. She was a stray that was at the cottage. She appeared to be Beagle and Blue Healer. I decided she should be called Lucy, "Lu Lu" for short. The sweetest dog. Mr. Miller tried his hardest to convince me that we should bring her home for wonder mutt to have a playmate. I am glad we didn't because some of our friends came and adopted her soon after we left. She is in a good home.

We had a great trip back also. Boys were great and Cameron thought we should stop at all of the same rest areas. Trying to explain to a 5 year old we were on the wrong side of the highway is a trip in itself. We did stop in Hermann again for more wine. Truly medicinal purposes! Ha Ha Ha! The best part was when we made the last stop about 2 hours from home we had some visitors from the Department of Corrections. It was quite humorous, Mr. Miller and Cameron had already used the restroom and I had changed Henry, they were feeding Henry and having a snack so I took my turn. As I walked up the side walk I heard chain rustling and looked up and here were 8 convicts in shackles walking up the walk in front of me. They were with armed guards of course and I kept thinking just look ahead and no eye contact. All was fine and when I got back to the table with the family Mr. Miller asked what I thought of my new friends. Yes, he has a demented sense of humor. One of the traits I love about him. We survived and moved on down the road. Cameron only asked "are we there yet?" about one mile from home.

So here is to great food, family, lovely weather, ipods and good wine. I hope you all enjoyed your 4Th as well!

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