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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Diaper Swap

While Mr. Miller was working on the patio I was participating in my first Diaper Swap. I know you are asking "what in the heck is a diaper swap"? Well, I will tell you. You know my favorite store Happybottomus, holds these events 4 times a year. They provide the tables and advertising for essentially a diaper swap meet. It is a lot of fun! I was able to take all of the diapers that Henry has grown out of along with random purchases that I am not using to sell. It is open to the public and has a huge following. For the 4 hours the "swap" was open the store was wall to wall customers. I met some of the greatest Cloth Diapering moms in the Kansas City area. We were able to share ideas, recipes and just visit with each other. It is also a chance for us to help educate the general public on Cloth Diapers.

It has been a great Saturday overall, Cameron could help Mr. Miller with the patio and Mimi came from Topeka to spoil Henry. OK so she spoiled all 3 of them while Mama was away. Mr. Miller loves it when she comes and makes him her special Chicken Salad. I love the Chicken Salad too. I will post the recipe soon!

If you are in the Lee's Summit area in October please come join us for the next one. They are usually held on the 3rd Saturday. The store is at 3rd and Douglas, hope to see you there.

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  1. I have never heard of a diaper swap! I did, however, use cloth diapers on my girls, but we had a diaper service back then. Don't know how I would have managed if I would gave had to do them myself, lol. Your blog is great Meghan.