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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well it is official, I have one trying his hardest to get his first tooth and the other lost his first tooth! We were loading the Urban Farm Truck Friday morning with the last minute BSE (Baby Survival Equipment) and Cameron let me know that his loose tooth was "really, really loose!" so I said just a minute and I would take a look. Well in the 5 minutes it took me to unload my arms I was met at the door by a toothless smile. Here is how the conversation took place:

Cameron: "Mama look its gone and it didn't hurt and no blood at all" (Thank God for the no blood because I am not sure how that would have went over. I missed the chapter on that one.)

Me: "Wow Binks, how cool. Where is it so we can leave it for the tooth fairy?"

Cameron: "It's here in my belly!" (I thought great I am so not going after that one!)

Me: "Well I guess we will just draw a picture of it and leave her a note."

Simple as that, not so bad after all. I have to say I am glad it is out because it really creeped me out how he was playing with it all the time. So sorry Mom and Dad for the time that I turned my loose one around and got it stuck. Lets hope he doesn't try that with the next one!

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