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Monday, July 20, 2009

One of my favorite gifts!

Who doesn't love fresh, hot popcorn? It is a favorite snack at Green Acres. A few years ago Cameron and Mr. Miller surprised me for my birthday with a stove top popper. It has the crank and is in one of my favorite colors for the kitchen, Red only second to Yellow! He remembered a story a told of my Mom and Dad always popping corn on the stove top. It always tasted the best! Even after they bought one of the new updated "air poppers" we seemed to revert back to the stove top. He is a good guy that Mr. Miller, I think I will keep him!

I love popping corn with Cameron he helps me pour the oil in and then the corn. Then he sits on the red stool and watches me crank until that first excited "pop" takes place. He still squeals with delight and gets the bowl ready.

I will also share it is a much more frugal but healthier way to enjoy one of America's pastimes!

OH the simple joys in life, look around they are in abundance all around you!

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