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Friday, July 17, 2009

"Can we fix it? Yes, we can! "

We have had a busy and exciting morning here at Green Acres. Cameron had his Friday play date with Maci and Mama got to have coffee with one of her best friends, Mendi. I have known Mendi for 10 years, we were both manicurist together for a couple of years. Even with marriages, moves and children now we have stayed in touch. Mendi is a friend that loves me no matter what and lets me be my true self. Oh, yes she laughs a lot at me but that's OK.

It has be in the low 70's all morning, yes we are still in Missouri and it is July, so we had the kids out front. Maci just goes right along with Cameron and all of his blocks, Lincoln Logs and trucks.
She is a girl after my own heart. I knew that we had a special delivery coming of the AB3 gravel and sand for the patio. You know my nightmare in the back yard, the big hole or commonly referred to as the "bog" when it rains. Mr. Miller is going to attempt to finish it this weekend. I can hardly contain myself. OK so back to the story, sometimes I get off track, we had 2 deliveries from Johnson County Building Supply. This meant 2 "jimmy" trucks. We call all construction trucks "jimmy" trucks thanks to our good friend, Jim Pavlich, he has a trucking company and told Cameron about his "jimmy" trucks when he was 2 and it has stuck. Jim is a regular superhero in this house. Ed with JCBS is great to work with. I called many companies to get quotes, not only was he the best deal but he was the most kind individual to deal with. I would use him again in a minute.

The trucks came and it was quite an event here. The neighbors came out and Jack and his daddy, Mike came over to play also. It was so neat to see the look on these kids faces when these trucks showed up. After the load was dropped I let them use their vehicles to move rock. Too bad none of it made it to the back.
Maci and Cameron waiting for the "jimmy" trucks.

Don't worry they are digging where Mr. Miller said it was OK, we had that discussion earlier in the week. Let's just say I have some new "Cameron" holes in the front yard. OH well its summer and he's 5.

Here comes the first load. I was amazed at how easily he backed it right into the driveway!

Cameron had to add his own sound effects, I think he has a future in Hollywood as a sound man!

Free for all!

Can you say "King of the Mountain"?

Here is the sand!

Well there you have it 2 tons sand and 10 tons AB3, I thought it would actually be more. All I know is that I am just glad it will be Mr. Miller working the shovel and not me, I am going to be at a Diaper Swap all day tomorrow! I will have Mimi, my mom, here to supervise and take pictures.

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