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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks Mimi

One of the things that I have rediscovered about myself is how much I love to sew and cross stitch. Both thanks to Mimi. I am so grateful for the many things my mom taught us girls. She always made time to show us what and how she was doing things. My love for cooking and being a mom comes from her too! She was home with us girls until I went to middle school. Those are years and memories that I will never forget. I am so happy to be having this time with my boys. Even though I worked for the first 5 years of Cameron's life I am here now. I get to be there when he steps into that new world of Kindergarten on August 18Th, and yes Mimi will be here again to hold my hand while I let go of my "big kindergarten boys" hand. It's just like Cameron tells me "Mama's are special", and they are no matter how old you get you will always need them.

Mimi with her girls. My sister Erika celebrated her 40Th a couple of years back and we did a girls weekend on the Plaza. So much fun! In the picture are Mimi, my bonus sister Kristin, DeDe, sister Erika, myself and Susan. Susan and DeDe might as well be my sisters too, Mom just kind of took them in! Unfortunately my bonus sister Kim was at my nephews baseball tournament.

Mimi and her husband, Papa. This was Henry's baptism in April.

Mimi and Nichelle at her final Dance recital.

Finally Mimi doing what she does best, taking care of us kids. This was this past weekend. My brother in law Randy celebrated his 45Th, sorry Bub I can't tell a lie. Mimi always makes your favorite meal for your birthday dinner. In this case it was her famous Chicken and Dumplings followed by White Cake with White icing. Yes Randy has basic tastes, but we love him just the same. She will be driving to town in a couple of weeks to do the same for Mr. Miller as he celebrates another year this weekend. He is trying to figure out his menu. Birthdays growing up were always special, not because of fancy parties and such but because they were celebrated together as a family and with lots of love.

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  1. I love chicken and dumplings, they are seriously one of my faves, and white cake with white icing, yummy!!!

    My mom and dad live down the street from us, and my boys adore their grammie (and papa too :)). It is so important to me that they have them in their lives, and your blog post was a great reminder of that.