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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Breaking News!

Under the watchful eye of Wonder Mutt the last piece of Belgard paver was set in place this afternoon on the patio also referred to as the "Great Project of 2009". I didn't know whether to cry out of shear happiness, jump for joy or just plain kiss Mr. Miller. I am so excited and I know the neighbors are too! Yes, we still have some of the AB3 in the driveway but it will be moved this week as long as there is no rain. I can't say the project is finished because he still has a whole list of steps left to do but I can say it is functional. We are complete even with a fire pit. So come on over neighbors next evening fire council is at the Miller's. I feel an evening complete with roasting hot dogs, smores, Oktoberfest Ale and maybe some Hermannsberger might be in my near future!


  1. Your patio looks great Maeghan! I'm very impressed with your husband's handiwork and hope we can make smores at our next Bunko at your house :) Enjoy - the evenings are great right now to sit outside.

  2. It looks great! Super great you guys could do it yourselves. I'm sure you'll enjoy it for lots of years. (My husband would be envious of your nice grill!)

  3. That is just beautiful!! I love finishing projects, especially big ones. What a beautiful backyard you have

    Hope it was a wonderful weekend