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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How we spent our last weekend of the Summer 2009

We had a wonderful last weekend of summer here at Green Acres. Cameron and I got up early on Saturday and planted mums and marigolds. I should say transplanted the marigolds from the Inagural Garden. It was so exciting to be able to prolong the life of those marigolds. Cameron and I thought they would be just beautiful out front. He was right. He helped Mama and Daddy pick out the perfect Mums to match.

We also painted the mail box and storm door. It was much overdo, the door was a dingy white with lovely star stickers left by the former family. I hated it! I have said for the last year I wanted it painted and for $4.35 you too can change the whole look of the front of your home.

Mr. Miller brought home an Exterior Illumination Demo Kit, OK outdoor lighting! It was mainly so we could see how we wanted to use the lights that have been taking up space in my garage for some time. Yes, I know this is his busy season and he did finish the patio, but my list for him never ends. He said it best tonight to the neighbors, "as long as she is happy, life is good!" I know he was being sarcastic in his own way but I love him and he loves me!

Mr. Miller bought brackets to hang my metal flower boxes. He bought these for me when we were first married. Almost 10 years ago. He told me "Happy Anniversary", and I love it. I really am a simple girl and it doesn't take much to make me happy. Look how awesome they look!

Cameron planted these mums himself. I just sat back and watched. It was a little hard not to take control of it but overall he did a great job!

Junior Mint was busy himself. We worked really hard on learning to crawl this weekend. He took his "first crawl" tonight! Of course Mr. Miller and I were out front admiring all of the fruits of our labors, but Mimi saw it all!

Isn't he so smart?

Cameron made his first Peanut Sandwich, aka PBJ, all on his own this weekend. He is growing up too fast.

What an amazing summer that we have had. Thanks for sharing with us. See you in the Fall!


  1. Looks like you had a very busy and productive weekend! And someone is crawling, very exciting!! Happy Monday!!!

  2. What a beautiful front yard! Perfect and ready to welcome in Autumn