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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's here!

FALL! OH how I love this time of year. It just makes me smile. I am going to share a few of my favorite sites, tastes and smells of the season. Hopefully they will make you smile too! Enjoy!

First that stands out in my mind are the mums. I love driving down the street and seeing the bright colors of the season start to show up on the front porches.

Making treasure cans out of the old formula cans and finding our "fall treasures". Our little friend came to play and this is some of what she found. We shared the story of "Chicken Little" while we heard the snaps and rustle as the acorns fell to the ground. Who is your favorite in that tale? Are you Henny Penny, Loosy Goosey or maybe Chicken Little?

Oh the majestic trees and colors that their leaves give us before they go away for winter. The sounds of children chasing the little leaves and jumping into that pile that you have spent the last hour making. Priceless!

The smells in the kitchen. For us the fresh GF corn bread and sandwich bread that I bake to go with Chili, which is a staple on our autumn menu.

Lazy Sunday afternoon naps while Football is on! I love football!

The sights of Halloween showing up.

How could I forget the pumpkins?

The creativity that those pumpkins inspire the week of Halloween.

Happy Fall to you, may it bring wonderful changes your way.


  1. Oh finally! Someone else who loves football. That is really what makes Autumn my favorite. Looks like a great menu you had, and gorgeous photos of the Fall colors.

    Wishing you a great beginning to the season

  2. Hey I love football too! It's a great season for sure. Autumn is so special. I love the mums as well. Chili is sounding good to me...might have to make that this weekend! Happy Autumn!