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Monday, September 14, 2009

My new favorite online shopping experience

I have found a new favorite shopping excursion since I have been home. I don't even have to leave the house. It is! It is a wonderful shopping experience. For those of us that love all natural and recycled products it is the place to shop. Each shop is individually owned. These are great people selling great products. I discovered it looking for cloth diapers but have found so much more.

My new favorite shop is I have to admit the name is what drew me to them. This was started by a mama that was in desperate need of bath and body products for her child with overly sensitive skin. Mr. Miller and I recently purchased 2 products from her.
Bug Off Lotion Bar $8.50
Headache Balm $2.50.
I can't believe how wonderful these products are. The Bug Off is amazing and it is all natural. I just couldn't stand the thought of putting the toxins that are in regular repellent on my sweet little guys any more. Well now thanks to the ingenious mom behind Earth Muffin I don't have to any more. The Headache Balm is amazing. Mr. Miller has been a long sufferer of Migraines. This really seems to help. You simply put some on your forehead, temples and back of neck. I had a terrible sinus headache this weekend and within 1/2 hour it was gone. WOW!

Please do yourself a favor and check this mama out.

I will definitely be buying more. She is super sweet to deal with and has super fast turnaround. While your at it check out some of the other shops you won't be disappointed.


  1. Thanks for posting about Earth Muffin! I am always looking for new natural products and always love to help out a fellow Mama!

  2. Thank you for sharing these stores! They look wonderful. I have just begun to shop through Hyena Cart, and I am looking forward to finding many wonderful businesses to support

  3. Thanks for sharing these links! Awesome finds!!!