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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A fine dining experience!

Last night we had a very fine dining experience. It wasn't necessarily the menu, that was good, but it was the ambiance. We dined on the patio! No it isn't all the way done but it is close enough. I still don't have a table so we just grabbed a card table and away we went.

Henry had his chair and joined in the experience.

I used one of the bunko table cloths and cut some sunflowers from the garden.

We dined on cantaloupe, chopped salad, GF zucchini bread and sausage and noodle casserole. Yes I will be posting the recipe. It is a tried and true must have in your red binder.

We used Mr. Miller's grandmothers dishes. I just love these blue onion plates. They bring back some fond memories of dinner with Grandma Pat.

What a lovely evening. Mr. Miller said we could make it a regular routine. I think we will as long as the weather allows. Well, we do have a fire pit now on the patio so I think this could be fun this fall. We had great conversation and the boys ate well. I strongly suggest to each and every one of you get out and enjoy the wonders of God's beautiful creation, you won't be sorry.

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