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Friday, September 25, 2009

My date night

I have a very special date night planned tonight with 2 very special guys in my life. Cameron and Henry! It is that time of year again when Mr. Miller is pulling the forever days of inventory for that big green tractor company. So tonight I am spending a lovely evening with my boys.

Our plans include a trip to see daddy after Junior Mint and I pick Cameron up from school. We are going for 2 reasons, the first is for our "drive by" kisses and hugs because it will be very late when daddy gets home and the second is to take Mr. Miller jeans and the Earth Muffin insect repellent. He will be counting outside and the mosquitoes just love him. We will then come home for pizza, movies and Lego's. Can't beat that for an exciting evening.

What are you plans for the night?

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