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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Final Harvest

Well, the garden is officially done. I finished pulling out the limp vegetable plants last night from the garden. I even got a small harvest to bring in and add to tonight's taco bar. I harvested 2 carrots, 1 bell pepper and 3 jalapenos. I will chop up all of these and add to the ground turkey. I will take the seeds out of the jalapenos. I will also add some diced white potatoes. This makes a great filling and will stretch that pound of meat into 2 dinners and a lunch for us.

I feel that we had a rough garden year and that the weather sure didn't help. My tomatoes were a bust due to the fact that it just didn't get warm enough. We know what happened to the cukes, squash and pumpkins, and lets not forget the squirrels love of my corn plants. I have taken many a note and have already started planning next years garden. I am hoping to actually get enough next year to can. It was fun and provided a great learning experience for all of us.

How did your gardens do this year? Any tips to share with the other readers? Please make comments so we can all work together for a more bountiful harvest in 2010!

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  1. If anyone is considering a few plants in containers, not so much! I did a few this year and definitely didn't get my money's worth. I bought eco-friendly Bonnie plants. No offense to the company, but mine just didn't do much. :(