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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finding Fall

Cameron and I decided to find Fall today after school. Junior Mint fell asleep on the way home so Cameron and I started on our adventure. We got a "treasure can" and off we went. We collected leaves of all shapes, sizes and colors. There were a few acorns in the mix too. We stopped and watched the leaves on their gentle dance to the ground with the help of the wind. It is so beautiful and peaceful out.

We came inside and popped some corn, got some juice and decided to make pictures for Daddy. Cameron decided that Mr. Miller needed a new sign for his desk at work. I think he did a pretty good job of remaking the emblem for that big green tractor company, what about you?

Have you found Fall lately? What activities have you shared in to find it for yourself?


  1. Fall seems to be everywhere right now, and I'm loving it!!! Enjoy it, it never seems to stay around for too long. Pretty leaves! :)

  2. What wonderful projects. I love using the colors of Autumn to create with. Happy weekend