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Thursday, October 8, 2009

There's always something to do...

A couple of weeks ago Mr. Miller had his marathon of hours known as inventory with that big green tractor company which leaves me alone for many hours. Most wives would be excited about this proposition and I was at one time but with 2 little ones the hours get most long. Not that I don't love my boys but a Mom does need a break every once and a while. OK enough whining on my part, where was I? So I sat there Friday night watching MSNBC do an expose on Wal-Mart and thought what else can I do? The dishes are done, laundry folded and put away, toe nails polished...I know I'll finally make that curtain for the 1/2 bath.

This 1/2 bath is right as you come in our house. Why did they put it there? It had green tile and floral wallpaper from 1970. Well the wallpaper came down several weeks ago, the tile well at this time it is a permanent fixture. I am on a budget you know! I am in the process of finding the right yellow paint. When it is done it will be wonderful! I found a remnant of the "Zest" material that I used for my bunco table cloths and some bamboo place mats (that I just had to have and have never used in 4 years) and borrowed a idea from Mr. Miller and combined it with my own thoughts and Voila! Our window finally has a cover!

The curtain was your basic pocket at the top and double rolled hemmed edges. As for the bamboo, I just stitched them together at one end and hung by hooks. Too easy and I used things that I already had. Just look around and see what you have laying around, you just might surprise yourself and do some updating that didn't cost you anything but a little time on your hands on a lonely Friday night!

I will post pics of the whole finished project once the painting is complete.

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  1. Love it! Just told Trav I want a sewing machine for Christmas, so I can start making fun stuff like this again:)