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Monday, October 19, 2009

We made it to Six!

We made it to 6! I am not sure if he survived making it to 6 or if Mr. Miller and I just survived the first 6 years? We had a wonderful and busy birthday weekend here at Green Acres. Thank you for all of the warm Birthday Greetings for my sweet Cameron! Here is a brief overview of our "Dino" party we had on Sunday. It was an amazing party full of friends and family! I just love it when your house if overflowing with laughter and love!

Cameron working on his "Thank you" bags for his guests when they would leave. He helped Mama all day on Saturday setting up for the party. OH, don't worry we took time out for a little private celebration on Saturday night with Mama, Daddy and Junior Mint since Saturday at 5:58pm he officially was a big 6 year old!

We made our own fossils. Miss Colette, our neighbor, made the sign for the table. Isn't is great? She is a lovely women and we are blessed to have her for a neighbor, actually I feel that way with all of our neighbors.

Here are their finished projects. I found the recipe at So easy and they had a blast.

Aunt Erika helped supervise the fossils.

Our end results.

We playing put the fossil on the dinosaur!

We of course opened presents. Pre sugar rush! Tony, Miss Kristi, Mimi and Junior Mint supervised! Mr. Tony comes over to push the boys on the swing and makes Cameron touch the clouds!

Miss Mendi helped with crowd control at the snack table! We served a few of Cameron's favorite snacks. We had grapes, strawberries, cheese, rice crackers, veggies and Mama's Black Bean Dip!

I decided on cupcakes this year. I found a GF Devils food cupcake recipe at She has great ones. I made Ina Garten's Cream Cheese frosting. MMMM, good!

The kids decorated their own cupcakes!

Enjoying the fruits of their labor!

We then sent them outside to run off the sugar. I am so grateful to have 3 older nephews to help arrange a game of kickball. Thank you Nate, Daniel and Jacob!

Miss Carolann and Eric helped celebrate the day. Eric works with Mr. Miller and is one of Cameron's favorite guys!

Aunt Kim and Uncle Jeff came to celebrate!

Thanks to all the family and friends who helped make it a success!


  1. Oh how wonderful that everyone had a good time. Happy Anniversary of being a mama as well.

    That Happy Birthday sign is marvelous, and it looks like you all had lovely weather for the event :)

  2. sounds like a great party with so many fun things going on!

  3. Happy Birthday Cameron! Looks like a wonderful birthday!!