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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Hello Lovah!"

As many of you know I am a wannabe maker of my own diapers for Junior Mint and that I have been wanting a new Serger to help make my dream a reality, well my dream maker is on its way from Nana and Pops. That's right I am getting a Serger for my birthday and Christmas present. It is a little early, but I believe in celebrating all year round. Let me introduce you to my new favorite little machine here at Green Acres.

"Hello Lovah!". OK so I know it is not the Manolo's that Carrie referred to in my favorite show of all times, but to me it is equal in comparison. I am counting the days until the Fed Ex truck shows up at my door. Thank you Nana and Pops, Junior Mint will definitely have a styling Bum Bum and I am sure it is going to be a pretty great heart made holiday season!

On a side note I am celebrating my 2000Th visit to my blog today. Thank you to all of my followers, if you have not signed up to be a follower what are you waiting for?


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my serger :)
    I hope it is all that you hoped for! enjoy

  2. I don't have a serger...I'll have to watch you enjoy yours! happy happy!

  3. Hilarious...Hello Lovah! Love it! Have fun!

    Oh, and how do you track visits to your blog?

  4. congratulations! i've had my serger for a year now and to be honest, just in the past week, i am trying to get to know it and tackle my fear of it. i have a couple projects that would be lickity split if i just got the upper hand on the thing! hoping you have faster luck!