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Monday, October 12, 2009

What a weekend!

As many of you know Mr. Miller and I celebrated our 10Th Wedding Anniversary on Friday, thank you to all for your warm wishes on our milestone.

We were able to get away for the weekend to the family cottage in Pana, Illinois. A huge Thank You to Nana and Pops for flying in for the weekend from Georgia to take care of our little monkeys here at Green Acres. This was my first time away from Henry and only my second time from Cameron, so needless to say getting out of town Friday was no simple task, but alas we were finally on the road by 12:30. We had a beautiful drive across Missouri and into Illinois. Of course we stopped in Hermann, since that is where we began our Honeymoon and ended up at the cottage. It was a mini version of that same trip.

Friday night we got to the lake by 6 and had it opened up by 6:30. We decided to go into town for a few things and then on the way back out Mr. Miller suggested we stop at the PBR for a beer. This tavern seems to be an institution in this quaint little town and trust me it has not changed in 10 years. I will say the price of beer has gone up to $2 a can from $1 in 1999. Still served in cans and with a small juice glass to pour into. I love that place. The locals are great and I hope it never changes. We call it the PBR for 2 reasons: first that it has always had a Pabst Blue Ribbon sign on the road and secondly it is an old blue house converted into a tavern so we think PBR...Pana Blue Room. When we got back to the house we discovered we had an issue, no water. Now many of you think that I cannot rough it, well you are wrong. This girl grew up in the Northwest camping in the mountains and I was a girl scout after all. We had drinking water, we could manually flush the toilet by hauling water from the lake, so we didn't have showers we just heated water and figured we could take full showers on Sunday when we got home. I looked at it like camping out.

We had bonfires and sat in the swing just talking and taking in all the fall splendor. I forgot my camera, so the colors are just going to have to stay in my heart and mind. I was able to crochet, watch a movie or two, read, sleep in and just spend time with my favorite guy.

It was an amazing weekend, I did miss my little guys but it was so nice to have some time alone with Mr. Miller. Thanks again Mom and Dad for coming up. The boys had a great time and we would not have been able to do it without your help.


  1. Thanks for the great weekend. Love you too!

  2. Oh wow, how wonderful that you were able to get away. Congratulations!!!