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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to our Rhythm

Well vacation is done. We are unpacked, OK so 95% unpacked, I still need to finish with the big red tote. Yes, it is twice the size of the one we took to Georgia, Thanks to the Deacon and Pops. I will say she did get it all in there and it was much easier to load the Urban Farm Truck to come home. Laundry and getting through the pile of mail and newspapers is on the list today.

Rhythm, it is such an important part of ones life. We all have a certain Rhythm in our homes and lives, this is something that I have learned while being at home and from my blogging buddies out there. If we don't find the rhythm it can be complicated, yes there are days that your rhythm will be out of "tune" but at least you have a guide to get it back.

My rhythm today includes making chicken and noodles for dinner, planning Junior Mint's 1ST Birthday Celebration ~ yes I said 1ST birthday already, getting back to eating right again and just getting my house back in shape.
I will get to take Christmas down on Thursday, we celebrate the 12 days and the wiseguys have not come yet. Cameron reminded me of that last night when I told Mr. Miller I was ready to take back my house. He is a smart little guy and he knows just what to say to keep Mama in check.

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  1. here's to rhythm! I'm trying to get back into one too...hope your days are great ones. I can't believe your littlest is turning one! Wow!