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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Looks

Last week with all the snow and having my extra little helper at home, we accomplished a lot. Cameron and I took down all of the Christmas on Friday as a surprise for Mr. Miller and "NO" the outside exterior illumination is not down yet, as soon as it thaws we will take care of that. When it was all put away poor Cameron had such a sad look on his face. "Mama, what comes next? This is boring around here!", so I said well Valentines Day. He then asked if I had any Valentines Day decorations and I really don't so we decided that we should make some.

I went down to the scrap box and found some pink and brown flannel and decided we needed a table runner. I found a piece that was 10x44 in the pink and brown cupcake material. Mr. Miller says it looks like Strawberry Shortcake has invaded his house, little does he know that for his comment I am going to make matching Napkins today just for him to use. I know it is the little things in life that can make a wife smile through meals. Back to the project, I then cut a piece of pink flannel to size and sewed a simple seam around 3 sides with right sides together. I then turned the fabric right side out and did a simple zig zag around to finish.

Voila! A Valentines Table Runner that I didn't have to purchase anything for. I used my tall multi purpose hurricane and put one of my Christmas Pillars in on top of whole coffee beans to bring out the brown. I am thinking of swapping out the beans for conversations hearts. I will let you know.

I decided that the dining room still needed something. Mr. Miller and I had a bedroom set that belonged to Gigi. I still have the dresser, it serves as a great storage piece for me in the laundry room. The mirror however was just collecting dust, so I thought about it and said to myself why not take the legs off and hang it in my dining room. Mr. Miller is always leery when he comes home from work and I start with " I was thinking...". He agreed and this weekend he brought that wish to fruition for me. It is always so pleasing when you can look around at what you have and see what new things you can do to it to change things up a bit. This project cost us $2.50. We had to buy the wire and hooks to hang. I can handle a new mirror for that price.

I am amazed at how it helps my dining room not seem so small. I also joked that it is a good reminder every time I open the fridge, since you can see yourself in it from the kitchen. It makes you ask "am I really hungry or bored?".


  1. I couldn't find an email address for you so I thought I'd leave my message here. To get three columns on my blog I just googled free blogger templates and just searched for one with 3 columns. I don't really know how to do it any other way, I'm not to clear on all the html stuff. Hope this helps. :) By the way, love your valentines table runner! You just reminded me of my heart garland I made last year that I need to dig out.

  2. Mirrors do that -- make a space look larger. I have them going down my stairway. It definitely brightens up the space and reflects light. The downside is that I see myself constantly....A bit scary! And, I love the strawberry shortcake runner (haha) -- now you have to make the napkins, just cuz!

  3. Love that table runner! Very cute!